AP Ministries & Abundant Life Counseling

 You are who God says you are and He has a fantastic plan for your life! Get ready for an explosion of blessings in every area of your life! All you have to do is believe and allow God to do what He does best... take care of what belongs to Him - You!

 We Believe:

We believe in God Almighty, the Creator of the worlds and universes. We believe the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit all are one. We believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and in fact God Himself, manifested in the flesh. Jesus Christ is the bridge/connection/go-between to reconnect people to their Creator, to their God. We further believe that God Himself draws men unto Him. As we seek Him, we will find Him, even if our methods seem unconventional according to “Christian” standards.

Mission Statement:

AP Ministries is committed to ministering to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of the men, women and youth we serve. Taking a holistic approach to undoing the damage of years of sexual, physical, mental and emotional abuse. In addition, we address the debilitating effects of neglect, pain, disappointments, failures and etcetera of their pasts. We reach out to and embrace the whole person, regardless of their background or current state of being. Our goal is to offer a place of healing, restoration, freedom and life through various programs and services.


What we do:

AP Ministries offers several specific programs and outreach services:

  • ·         Abundant Life Counseling
  • ·         All4One Community Organizations Resources Center
  • ·         Welfare2Wealth
  • ·         Joshua Housing Programs

We also partake in various other collaborative efforts working with Faith-Based and community organizations, local businesses and individuals.

AP Ministries is about Life Enhancement. We are dedicated to helping others overcome the obstacles of their past or present, causing them to live abundant lifestyles in the future.

Our motto is: Your past is not your birth certificate it is your resume; you are not defined by your experiences, but through your experiences you determine your destiny!

If you or someone you know has been struggling with something or simply needs someone to talk to, email Annette directly at stayblessed.ap@gmail.com and leave a message including your contact information. *If you were referred by someone, please let us know so that we can thank them with a special gift.


 Your gift to this ministry is needed and greatly appreciated and you may give any amount by clicking the Donate button below. Thanks for your support - May God's Abundant Blessings overflow in Your Life, Annette Patterson, LES.

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