AP Ministries & Abundant Life Counseling Services

God has  an incredible plan for your life!

I am convinced of it and as a result, I am committed to helping you discover your true identity and live your destiny. It's been said that, we are on an ever moving and changing quest for destiny. Although there is truth in that statement, I believe each of us has a specific purpose for being and that purpose will lead us to our God ordained destiny.

As The Life Enhancement Specialist my job is to help you dig deep inside yourself and find the person God intends you to be. To help you pursue your purpose with passion and power!

If you are ready to live the lifestyle of your dreams, enjoy each new day, go to bed with a smile on your face and wake up with a smile in your heart, then you are ready for me!

We will work together to make your dreams come true! 

I have to stop here and say, you have to be willing to burn bridges, throw caution to the wind, lose what you now call life, leave certain habits and people behind in order to be successful at living an enhanced, an abundant life. Make sure you are ready before you make that call or send that email.

I can't wait to meet you and begin working together toward your desired end! We can work face to face, via Skype or FaceTime, emails, texts, and or phone calls, so distance isn't an issue. 

In fact, most of the systems in place that allow mobile coaching works best when schedules are busy and lives are hectic. So we will use any means necessary to make it happen.


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