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Posted by Annette Patterson on Monday, December 6, 2010,
I know some of you think I'm silly for giving days a theme, but you would be surprised at the number of people who need a reminder of how good life really is. We sometimes forget because we are busy being busy,  that's ok, but we must give praise where praise is due! Gratitude is the key to a happy, healthy and joy filled life.Think about all the good you have had in your life and get excited about all the good that is to come!  2011 is a year of manifestation, harvest, abundance and more! Th...
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Posted by Annette Patterson on Tuesday, September 14, 2010, In : By Annette Patterson 

I am excited about sharing these practical principles from my new book 7 Steps to receiving the Desires of Your heart, a biblical approach to true prosperity. Teaching you how to discover your destiny, fulfill your purpose and live your dreams.


This book was birthed from a lifetime of confusion and lack in my life. I was confused because I could see those in the “world” prospering or at least being able to pay their bills on time; while I was reading about prosperity or needs being me...

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I am a fun-loving, outgoing woman who loves the life I live today! I couldn't always say that, but now I am happy, full of joy, excitement and enthusiasm for the future. Not only my future and my family's but the future of the many people God is and will allow me to touch! My chief aim in life is the pursuit of happiness for others.
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