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 Annette Patterson, Life Enhancement Specialist

 Author * Gospel Singer * Motivational Speaker * Counselor *Minister


  I am happy and excited about living today! 

For years, I could not even look at myself in the mirror, because I did not like the woman looking back at me. I would pile on makeup trying to hide the picture of myself that my experiences had painted. It was a painful, shameful way of life. Smiling everyday as if everything was all right. When inside I was torn, worn and lost. Yes, I was teaching, mentoring, leading others into their victories, but I was trapped living as a victim of my own thinking and beliefs about me.

It wasn't until I went away for three days, just the Lord and I - when He began to show me who I am in Him. He laid out a canvas before me and painted pictures so vivid of a wonderful, beautiful, kind, loving and worthy woman, and it was me

I saw myself from God's point of view, as God sees me. He didn't look at my past or present, He looked at me as He made me, fashioned in His image.

That's when I knew my destiny was directly tied to showing others who they are in Christ, who God made them to be, and teaching them how to live their dreams by fulfilling their God-given purposes. My mission is the consistent pursuit of happiness for others.

Annette Patterson is dedicated to enhancing the lives of the women, men and youth she serves. She has counseled many over thirty plus years and continues to do so, today. Annette has a straight forward way of approaching subjects and is not afraid to confront them, "Head-on!"

"Identifying, confronting, positioning and advancing are the only true ways of moving from the past/present into your destiny", she proclaims. 




Annette has been inspiring and empowering women, men and youth to break through the affects of their pasts and live life to its fullest for over three decades. An ordained minister, mother of five beautiful children and two grand-babies, she pours this anointing into her family first and God is always faithful. 

Enduring years of sexual, mental and emotional abuse, Annette knew that one day her pain and shame would bring glory to God. By ministering healing and empowerment to those who have had similar experiences, she has risen above her past. Today she continues to comfort others with the comfort she receives from the Lord.

Coming from a family of preachers, gospel singers and teachers, Annette always enjoyed being in front of an audience. As a result, she has been singing, teaching and speaking since she was a young girl. 

Specializing in counseling, motivating and mentoring she helps others overcome adversity through positive thinking, faith, affirmations and determination. She has written several soul-stirring books that motivate readers to live the life of their dreams and find true happiness. 

In 1992, Annette founded the Patterson Educational Center for at risk children in Los Angeles, California. The students enrolled in the center displayed both disciplinary and academic challenges. The center expanded to include a community outreach program, meeting the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs of area residents. 

She also founded the National Christian Educator's Alliance, which sponsored the National Christian Educator's Awards Luncheon, exalting Christian Educators, students and community leaders. In addition, she created, produced and hosted the Christian Educator's Forum, a platform for educators, parents and others to speak to the issues regarding our children's education and future. Through her dedication, both personally and professionally she received the God's Woman Created in His Image Award for 1996 and 2004, and the Anointed Woman of God Award for 1997.

Annette was privileged to speak at the University of Redlands as the Key Note speaker, at the Sista's Day Dinner two years in a row (2010, 2011) and as a guest lecturer at the Meditation Room (2011). In 2010, she was honored by Cambridge Who's Who for excellence in Ministry, and was accepted as a lifetime member.

She continues to transform the lives of women and their families through her most recent project Welfare2Wealth, a program designed to liberate women from social programs, and the stigma associated with being a recipient.








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