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By Author Annette Patterson, The Life Enhancement Specialist

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7 Steps to Receiving the Desires of Your Heart 

A Biblical Approach to True Prosperity

"God wants you to have the desires of your heart as long as they are in line with His Word and will for your life"

I haven't changed the description of the book here because it gives you a good idea of what it's about. Today, I would like to add that it is a book of hope. In today's society people are looking for hope, something to believe in and someone to believe in them. Here you find both, an almost tangible hope that it can get better and the fact that if I can follow my purpose with passion and power (helping to enhance the lives of others), You can do it too!

Get your copy today!

In this book Annette Patterson gives you the keys that unlock the door to true prosperity from a biblical perspective.  You will learn sound scriptural promises, principles and practices that will lead to victory in every area of your life, when applied.  

This is not a 'name it and claim it' guide to success.  You must believe and live the principles of God in order to receive the promises of God.  You shall have the desires of your heart, as long as they are in line with the word of God and His will for your life!  

God wants you to Discover your true identity, Uncover your hidden potential and purpose and Recover the forgotten dreams and desires He placed in your heart.  God desires for you to be happy and fulfilled in Him.  

Enjoy the refreshing and revealing way Annette takes you through the scriptures. You will begin to experience God's prosperity in your life as you go from step to step. Many believers have had their faith renewed and their lives changed by applying the principles found in this book. 



I have relocated to the Inland Empire to work on two major new projects. 

The first is Joshua Home: An LGBTQ SafeHaven, the second is All4One Ministry Outreach Program.

I am so excited about this new season in my life, ministries and businesses! God is faithful in all things...if we believe!

I need your help!

As you know money is the reason most projects like these never see the light of day. Together We can make sure that doesn't happen in this case.

I've launched a Campaign to raise funds using my book 7 Steps to Receiving the Desires of Your Heart: A Biblical Approach to True Prosperity.

$10 from every book (what's left after expenses, shipping,etc.) will be used to launch these New Programs!

For example: We need $900 to file for Non-profit status with the IRS, which means we need to sell 90 books. It's very simple, the only thing is these books have to be purchased through one of my sites AnnettePattersonLES.com or of course here. 

If you are local to the Inland Empire of Southern California and want to meet, do a book signing event, have me come speak or sing at an event and sell books there, that can be scheduled and would be awesome!

Buy a book for yourself (if you haven't), for friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, enemies (haha) and anyone else you can think of.

The funds go into a separate account used for each project. When enough funds come into pay for something we pull it and use it. Oh yes, it's tax deductible under the IRS code 501c3.

You know my main contact number is 877-726-4274, the fax is 1-877-372-6933, and email is stayblessed.ap@gmail.com. Contact me today, lets work together to make this happen.

Also, if there s something going on and you feel I can help, let me know.

Abundant Blessings to you all,









Copyright 2013

 Annette Patterson, LES 

 Thanks to all my Ministry Friends for your continued support and love. You make it possible for me to help all the people I serve in my various outreach programs.

I do need your help, if you have skills in PR, promotions, fundraising, grant writing, media interviews, etcetera. Also, if you are interested in volunteering to make calls and pick up in-kind gifts, writing emails (dictating), you name it I can use your help!

The ministry is growing and up till now it's been simple to do most of the work myself, those days are gone :-) thank The Lord! 

That means we will be able to reach many more men, women and youth through our outreach programs being launched full-time this year 2013!

God is faithful in All things when we believe!

Call me (Annette) at 877-726-4274 option 1, if your are interested in helping AP Ministries move to the next dimension in our Life Enhancing programs.

Life Enhancement Specialist

Life Enhancement Specialist

I am a minister who specializes in "Crisis Counseling" . If you or someone you know is in a very hard place in life, and it feels like there is no hope, Contact Me ASAP! My services are result oriented and together we can work through this. If you are sick and tired of the same old lifestyle issues call today, lets get started on redesigning your future.

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